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Setting base permissions for an organization

You can set base permissions for the repositories that an organization owns.

Who can use this feature

Organization owners can set base permissions for an organization.

About base permissions for an organization

You can set base permissions that apply to all members of an organization when accessing any of the organization's repositories. Base permissions do not apply to outside collaborators.

If someone with admin access to an organization's repository grants a member a higher level of access for the repository, the higher level of access overrides the base permission.

If you've created a custom repository role with an inherited role that is lower access than your organization's base permissions, any members assigned to that role will default to the organization's base permissions rather than the inherited role. For more information, see "Managing custom repository roles for an organization."

Setting base permissions

  1. No canto superior direito do GitHub Enterprise Server, clique na foto do seu perfil e clique em Suas organizações. Suas organizações no menu de perfil

  2. Ao lado da organização, clique em Configurações. Botão de configurações

  3. Na seção "Acesso" da barra lateral, clique em Privilégios de membros.

  4. Under "Base permissions", use the drop-down to select new base permissions. Selecting new permission level from base permissions drop-down

  5. Review the changes. To confirm, click Change default permission to PERMISSION. Reviewing and confirming change of base permissions

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