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Configurando o GitHub Copilot na CLI

Você pode configurar análise de uso e o comportamento padrão para a opção executar comando.

About configuration for GitHub Copilot in the CLI

By running gh copilot config you can configure multiple settings:

  • Optional Usage Analytics
  • The default behavior for the execute command confirmation

About Optional Usage Analytics

You can choose to allow GitHub to collect usage data. This helps with improving the product and providing better support. You can enable or disable usage analytics at any time.

GitHub uses metrics to prioritize work and evaluate whether Copilot in the CLI is successful in solving real user problems. For example, when a new version is released and there's a spike in exceptions and response ratings, usage analytics are used to understand if there is a regression or a platform issue causing problems.

Unless you've opted out, Copilot in the CLI will send a payload in the format below to the analytics system. GitHub is very sensitive to the privacy of users and will never look at the data of specific individuals, but rather only examine aggregate data and trends to inform product decisions.

	"platform": "darwin",
	"architecture": "arm64",
	"version": "0.3.0-beta",
	"custom_event": "true",
	"event_parent_command": "explain",
	"event_name": "Explain",
	"sha": "089a53215fc4383179869f7f6132ce9d6e58754a",
	"thread_id": "e61d0d08-f6ba-465b-81cf-c30fd9127d70"

About the execute command confirmation

When you use the ghcs alias and choose to execute the suggested command, Copilot in the CLI will prompt you to confirm that you want to execute the code. For more information, see "Using GitHub Copilot in the CLI."

To prevent accidental execution of commands, the confirmation prompt defaults to No. For faster execution, you can change the default answer to Yes.