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이 버전의 GitHub Enterprise는 다음 날짜에 중단되었습니다. 2023-01-18. 중요한 보안 문제에 대해서도 패치 릴리스가 이루어지지 않습니다. 성능 향상, 향상된 보안, 새로운 기능을 위해 최신 버전의 GitHub Enterprise로 업그레이드합니다. 업그레이드에 대한 도움말은 GitHub Enterprise 지원에 문의하세요.

인스턴스를 사용하도록 사용자 초대

GitHub Enterprise Server에 기본 제공 인증을 사용하는 경우 메일 주소로 사용자를 초대하여 인스턴스에 사용자 계정을 만들 수 있습니다.

Who can use this feature

Enterprise owners can invite people to create a user account on a GitHub Enterprise Server instance.

About invitations for new users

When you use built-in authentication for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, each person creates a personal account from an invitation or by signing up. By default, people who can access your instance while unauthenticated can create a new personal account on your instance.

You can disable unauthenticated sign-ups and require an invitation to create a new user account on your instance. For more information, see "Disabling unauthenticated sign-ups."

Alternatively, you can configure external authentication for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance. If you use external authentication, you must invite people to use your instance through your authentication provider. For more information, see "About authentication for your enterprise."

Inviting people to create a user account

  1. From an administrative account on GitHub Enterprise Server, in the upper-right corner of any page, click .

    Screenshot of the rocket ship icon for accessing site admin settings

  2. If you're not already on the "Site admin" page, in the upper-left corner, click Site admin.

    Screenshot of "Site admin" link

  3. In the left sidebar, click Invite user. Invite user tab in the site admin console

  4. Type the username and email address for each of the user accounts that you'd like to create, then click Generate a password reset link. Generate a password reset link button

If you've configured email for notifications on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, your instance will send the invitation to the provided email address. For more information, see "Configuring email for notifications."