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자동으로 항목 보관

필터와 일치하는 항목을 자동으로 보관하도록 프로젝트의 기본 제공 워크플로를 구성할 수 있습니다.

About automatically archiving items

You can configure your project's built-in workflows to automatically archive items. Archiving items will help you stay below the limit of 1,200 items in each project.

You can use the is, reason, and last-updated filters to specify when an item should be archived.

When you enable automatic archiving for issues or pull requests, items in your project that already meet your criteria will also be archived. There may be some delay in archiving large numbers of items that already meet the criteria.

Projects also have a limit on the number of archived items they can contain. Your project can contain up to 10,000 archived items. For more information on permanently deleting items, see "Archiving items from your project."

Configuring automatic archiving in your project

  1. Navigate to your project.

  2. In the top-right, click to open the menu. Screenshot showing the menu icon

  3. In the menu, click Workflows. Screenshot showing the 'Workflows' menu item

  4. In the "Default workflows" list, click Auto-archive items.

    Screenshot showing auto archive workflows

  5. Next to When, check the item type(s) that you want to automatically archive.

    Screenshot showing the "when" configuration for a workflow

  6. Next to , type the filter criteria you want to use to automatically archive items. You can only use the is, reason, and last-updated filters. For more information about filter syntax, see "Filtering projects."

    Screenshot showing filter text area

  7. If the workflow is disabled, click the toggle next to Off to enable the workflow.

    Screenshot showing the "On/Off" control for a workflow

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