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통합 사용 정보

통합은 워크플로를 보완하고 확장하기 위해 GitHub Enterprise Cloud와 연결하는 도구 및 서비스입니다.

Integrations are tools that extend GitHub's functionality. Integrations can do things on GitHub like open issues, comment on pull requests, and manage projects. They can also do things outside of GitHub based on events that happen on GitHub. For example, an integration can post on Slack when an issue is opened on GitHub.

You can discover many integrations in GitHub Marketplace. GitHub Marketplace includes GitHub Apps, OAuth apps, and custom actions that you can use in GitHub Actions workflows. You can also get integrations directly from the integration creator.

For a list of featured GitHub integrations, see "Featured GitHub integrations."

For more information about using integrations, see:

You can also build your own integrations. For more information, see "About building integrations."