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Enabling Server Statistics for your enterprise

You can analyze your own aggregate data from GitHub Enterprise Server and help us improve GitHub products by enabling Server Statistics.

Server Statisticsについて

Server Statistics collects aggregate usage data from GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス, which you can use to better anticipate the needs of your organization, understand how your team works, and show the value you get from GitHub Enterprise Server.

Server Statistics only collects certain aggregate metrics on repositories, issues, pull requests, and other features.GitHub content, such as code, issues, comments, or pull request content, is not collected. 詳しい情報については、「Server Statistics について」を参照してください。

By enabling Server Statistics, you are also helping to improve GitHub. The aggregated data you will provide helps us understand how our customers are using GitHub, and make better and more informed product decisions, ultimately benefiting you.

Server Statistics の有効化

Before you can enable Server Statistics, you must first connect your GitHub Enterprise Server instance to through GitHub Connect. 詳細は、「GitHub Enterprise ServerをGitHub Enterprise Cloudに接続する」を参照してください。

You can disable Server Statistics from GitHub Enterprise Server at any time.

  1. GitHub Enterprise Serverの右上で、プロフィール写真をクリックし、続いてEnterprise settings(Enterpriseの設定)をクリックしてください。 GitHub Enterprise Serverのプロフィール写真のドロップダウンメニュー内の"Enterprise settings"

  2. In the enterprise account sidebar, click GitHub Connect. GitHub Connect tab in the enterprise account sidebar

  3. Under "Share server statistics with", select the dropdown menu and click Enabled or Disabled. Screenshot of Server Statistics drop-down menu with disabled or enabled options