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Managing email preferences

You can add or change the email addresses associated with your account on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance. You can also manage emails you receive from GitHub Enterprise Server.
  • Adding an email address to your GitHub account

    GitHub Enterprise Server allows you to add as many email addresses to your account as you like. If you set an email address in your local Git configuration, you will need to add it to your account settings in order to connect your commits to your account. For more information about your email address and commits, see "Setting your commit email address."

  • プライマリメールアドレスの変更


  • バックアップメールアドレスを設定する

    プライマリ メール アドレスにアクセスできなくなった場合は、セキュリティ関連のアカウント通知の追加の宛先としてバックアップのメール アドレスを使い、パスワードを安全にリセットします。

  • Setting your commit email address

    You can set the email address that is used to author commits on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance and on your computer.

  • Remembering your GitHub username or email

    Are you signing in to your GitHub Enterprise Server instance for the first time in a while? If so, welcome back! If you can't remember the username for your personal account on GitHub Enterprise Server, you can try these methods for remembering it.