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Generating a Health Check for your enterprise

You can gain insight into the general health and Git and API requests of GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス by generating a Health Check.

Generating a Health Check is available with GitHub Premium Support. 詳しい情報については、「GitHub Premium Support について」を参照してください。

Note: Generating a Health Check is currently in beta for GitHub Enterprise Server and subject to change.

About generated Health Checks

You can create a support bundle for GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス that contains a lot of data, such as diagnostics and log files. To help analyze and interpret this data, you can generate a Health Check. For more information about support bundles, see "Providing data to GitHub Support."

A Health Check provides the following information about GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス.

  • Insights into the general health of GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス, such as upgrade status, storage, and license seat consumption
  • A security section, which focuses on subdomain isolation and user authentication
  • Analysis of Git requests, with details about the busiest repositories and Git users
  • Analysis of API requests, including the busiest times, most frequently requested endpoints, and most active callers

If you want to generate a Health Check for GitHub Enterprise Cloud, contact GitHub Support. For more information, see "Creating a support ticket."

Generating a Health Check

Before you can generate a Health Check, you must create a support bundle. 詳細は「GitHub Support にデータを提供する」を参照してください。

  1. Navigate to the GitHub Support ページ.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Premium.

    Screenshot of the "Premium" link in the GitHub Support Portal header.

  3. To the right of Health Checks, click Request Health Check.

    Screenshot of the "Request Health Check" button.

  4. Under "Select an enterprise account", select the dropdown menu and click an enterprise account.

    Screenshot of the "enterprise account" dropdown menu.

  5. Under "Upload a support bundle", click Chose File and choose a file to upload. Then, click Request Health Check.

    Screenshot of the "Choose file" and "Request Health Check" buttons.

After you request a Health Check, a job is scheduled to generate the Health Check. After several hours to one day, the generated Health Check will appear in the "Health Checks" section of the GitHub Support ページ.

Screenshot of the Health Checks section of the GitHub Support ページ.