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Enabling unified contributions for your enterprise

You can allow users to include anonymized contribution counts for their work on GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス in their contribution graphs on

Enterprise owners can enable unified contributions between GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス and

About unified contributions

As an enterprise owner, you can allow end users to send anonymized contribution counts for their work from GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス to their contribution graph.

After you enable 統合コントリビューション, before individual users can send contribution counts from GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス to, each user must also connect their user account on GitHub Enterprise Server with a personal account on For more information, see "Sending enterprise contributions to your profile."

GitHub Enterprise Server sends updates hourly.

If the enterprise owner disables the functionality or individual users opt out of the connection, the contribution counts from GitHub Enterprise Server will be deleted on If the user reconnects their profiles after disabling them, the contribution counts for the past 90 days are restored.

GitHub Enterprise Server は、接続されているユーザーのコントリビューションカウントおよびソース (GitHub Enterprise Server) のみを送信します。 コントリビューションまたはその作成方法に関する情報は送信されません。

Enabling unified contributions

Before enabling 統合コントリビューション on GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンス, you must enable GitHub Connect. For more information, see "Managing GitHub Connect."

  1. Sign in to GitHub Enterprise Server and

  2. From an administrative account on GitHub Enterprise Server, in the upper-right corner of any page, click .

    Screenshot of the rocket ship icon for accessing site admin settings

  3. If you're not already on the "Site admin" page, in the upper-left corner, click Site admin.

    Screenshot of "Site admin" link

  4. 左のサイドバーで、Enterprise overview(Enterpriseの概要)をクリックしてください。 Enterprise overview tab in the Site admin settings

  5. In the enterprise account sidebar, click GitHub Connect. GitHub Connect tab in the enterprise account sidebar

  6. Under "Users can share contribution counts to", click Request access. Request access to unified contributions option

  7. GitHub Enterprise Server サイトにサインインして、以降の指示を受けてください。

When you request access, we may redirect you to the GitHub Enterprise Server site to check your current terms of service.