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Viewing contributions on your profile

Your GitHub AE profile shows off a graph of your repository contributions over the past year.

You can choose to show activity from private repositories, with specific details of your activity in private repositories anonymized. For more information, see "Publicizing or hiding your private contributions on your profile."

Note: Commits will only appear on your contributions graph if the email address you used to author the commits is connected to your account on GitHub AE. For more information, see "Why are my contributions not showing up on my profile?"

What counts as a contribution

On your profile page, certain actions count as contributions:

  • Committing to a repository's default branch or gh-pages branch
  • Opening an issue
  • Opening a discussion
  • Answering a discussion
  • Proposing a pull request
  • Submitting a pull request review
  • Co-authoring commits in a repository's default branch or gh-pages branch


  • To appear on your profile contributions graph, co-authored commits must meet the same criteria as commits with one author.
  • When rebasing commits, the original authors of the commit and the person who rebased the commits, whether on the command line or on your enterprise, receive contribution credit.

This section displays your repositories with the most watchers.

Popular repositories

Contributions calendar

Your contributions calendar shows your contribution activity.

Viewing contributions from specific times

  • Click on a day's square to show the contributions made during that 24-hour period.
  • Press Shift and click on another day's square to show contributions made during that time span.

Note: You can select up to a one-month range on your contributions calendar. If you select a larger time span, we will only display one month of contributions.

Your contributions graph

How contribution event times are calculated

Timestamps are calculated differently for commits and pull requests:

Activity overview

Cuando habilitas la sección de resumen de actividades en tu perfil, las personas podrán ver más información acerca de los tipos de contribuciones que haces y los repositorios en donde tienes más actividad. Quien esté viendo solo podrá encontrar información del resumen de actividad sobre los repositorios en los cuales tengan permisos de lectura. Una vez habilitadas, las personas pueden filtrar tu gráfica de contribuciones y línea de tiempo de actividad para una organización específica. For more information, see "Showing an overview of your activity on your profile."

Activity overview section on profile

The organizations featured in the activity overview are prioritized according to how active you are in the organization. If you @mention an organization in your profile bio, and you’re an organization member, then that organization is prioritized first in the activity overview. For more information, see "Mentioning people and teams" or "Adding a bio to your profile."

Contribution activity

The contribution activity section includes a detailed timeline of your work, including commits you've made or co-authored, pull requests you've proposed, and issues you've opened. You can see your contributions over time by either clicking Show more activity at the bottom of your contribution activity or by clicking the year you're interested in viewing on the right side of the page. Important moments, like the date you joined an organization, proposed your first pull request, or opened a high-profile issue, are highlighted in your contribution activity. If you can't see certain events in your timeline, check to make sure you still have access to the organization or repository where the event happened.

Contribution activity time filter

Viewing contributions from GitHub Enterprise on

If you use GitHub AE and your enterprise owner enables unified contributions, you can send enterprise contribution counts from to your profile. For more information, see "Sending enterprise contributions to your profile."