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Filtering files in a pull request

To help you quickly review changes in a large pull request, you can filter changed files.

You can filter files in a pull request by file extension type, such as .html or .js, lack of an extension, code ownership, or dotfiles.

Using the file filter dropdown

Tip: To simplify your pull request diff view, you can also temporarily hide deleted files or files you have already viewed in the pull request diff from the file filter drop-down menu.

  1. Debajo del nombre de tu repositorio, da clic en Solicitudes de cambios. Pull request tab selection
  2. In the list of pull requests, click the pull request you'd like to filter.
  3. En la solicitud de extracción, da clic en Archivos cambiados. Pestaña Archivos modificados de la solicitud de extracción
  4. Use the File filter drop-down menu, and select, unselect, or click the desired filters. File filter option above pull request diff
  5. Optionally, to clear the filter selection, under the Files changed tab, click Clear. Clear file filter selection

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