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The Billing API lets you get billing information for an enterprise.

About the Billing API

Puedes obtener información de facturación para una empresa. Para obtener más información, consulta la API de REST para la " Administración de GitHub Enterprise".

Get GitHub Advanced Security active committers for an organization

Funciona con GitHub Apps

Gets the GitHub Advanced Security active committers for an organization per repository.

Each distinct user login across all repositories is counted as a single Advanced Security seat, so the total_advanced_security_committers is not the sum of advanced_security_committers for each repository.

If this organization defers to an enterprise for billing, the total_advanced_security_committers returned from the organization API may include some users that are in more than one organization, so they will only consume a single Advanced Security seat at the enterprise level.

The total number of repositories with committer information is tracked by the total_count field.


Nombre, Tipo, Descripción

Setting to application/vnd.github+json is recommended.

Parámetros de ruta
Nombre, Tipo, Descripción

The organization name. The name is not case sensitive.

Parámetros de consulta
Nombre, Tipo, Descripción

The number of results per page (max 100).

Predeterminado: 30


Page number of the results to fetch.

Predeterminado: 1

Códigos de estado de respuesta HTTP

Código de estadoDescripción



Response if GitHub Advanced Security is not enabled for this repository

Ejemplos de código

curl \ -H "Accept: application/vnd.github+json" \ -H "Authorization: token <TOKEN>" \ http(s)://HOSTNAME/api/v3/orgs/ORG/settings/billing/advanced-security


Status: 200
{ "total_advanced_security_committers": 2, "total_count": 2, "repositories": [ { "name": "octocat-org/Hello-World", "advanced_security_committers": 2, "advanced_security_committers_breakdown": [ { "user_login": "octocat", "last_pushed_date": "2021-11-03" }, { "user_login": "octokitten", "last_pushed_date": "2021-10-25" } ] }, { "name": "octocat-org/server", "advanced_security_committers": 1, "advanced_security_committers_breakdown": [ { "user_login": "octokitten", "last_pushed_date": "2021-10-26" } ] } ] }