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Impersonating a user

You can impersonate users and perform actions on their behalf, for troubleshooting, unblocking, and other legitimate reasons.

Enterprise owners can impersonate users within their enterprise.

About user impersonation

If you need to temporarily take over a user account, for example when troubleshooting a user problem, or when the user is unavailable and urgent action is required, you can start an impersonation session to act on their behalf.

For each impersonation session, you need to provide a reason for the impersonation. A session is limited to one hour, and you will have the same access as the user being impersonated.

Actions you perform during an impersonation session are recorded as events in the enterprise audit log, as well as the impersonated user's security log. The person being impersonated is sent an email notification when the impersonation session starts. For more information, see "Audit log events for your enterprise" and "Reviewing your security log."

Impersonating a user

  1. Desde una cuenta administrativa de GitHub Enterprise Server, en la esquina superior derecha de cualquier página, haz clic en .

    Captura de pantalla del icono de cohete para acceder a los ajustes administrativos

  2. Si aún no estás en la página de "Administrador de sitio", en la esquina inferior izquierda, haz clic en Administrador de sitio.

    Captura de pantalla del enlace de "Administrador de sitio"

  3. En el campo de búsqueda, teclea el nombre de usuario y da clic en Buscar. Campo de búsqueda en la configuración de administrador de sitio

  4. En los resultados de búsqueda, da clic en el nombre del usuario. Opciones de búsqueda de la configuración de administrador para el sitio

  5. In the top left of the page, click User info.

    User info

  6. Under "Danger Zone", click Sign in to GitHub as @username

    Impersonate user

  7. Select a reason from the dropdown list. If you select Other you will need to provide additional context in the Notes section. Click Begin impersonation to begin the session.

    Impersonation reason

  8. When you are ready to end the impersonation session, click the Return to your mundane life as username banner at the top of the page.

    End impersonation