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Getting started with GitHub Actions for GitHub Enterprise Server

Learn about enabling and configuring GitHub Actions on Servidor de GitHub Enterprise for the first time.

Site administrators can enable GitHub Actions and configure enterprise settings.

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Note: GitHub Actions support on Servidor de GitHub Enterprise 2.22 is a limited public beta. To review the external storage requirements and request access to the beta, see "Enabling GitHub Actions and configuring storage."

Note: GitHub-hosted runners are not currently supported on Servidor de GitHub Enterprise. You can see more information about planned future support on the Itinerario público de GitHub.

Review hardware considerations

Note: GitHub Actions was available for Servidor de GitHub Enterprise 2.22 as a limited beta. If you're upgrading an existing Servidor de GitHub Enterprise instance to 3.0 or later and want to configure GitHub Actions, note that the minimum hardware requirements have increased. For more information, see "Upgrading Servidor de GitHub Enterprise."

The CPU and memory resources available to tu instancia de servidor de GitHub Enterprise determine the maximum job throughput for GitHub Actions.

Internal testing at GitHub demonstrated the following maximum throughput for Servidor de GitHub Enterprise instances with a range of CPU and memory configurations. You may see different throughput depending on the overall levels of activity on your instance.

vCPUsMemoryMaximum job throughput
432 GBDemo or light testing
864 GB25 jobs
16160 GB35 jobs
32256 GB100 jobs

If you enabled the beta of GitHub Actions for the users of an existing instance, review the levels of activity for users and automations on the instance and ensure that you have provisioned adequate CPU and memory for your users. For more information about monitoring the capacity and performance of Servidor de GitHub Enterprise, see "Monitoring your appliance."

For more information about minimum hardware requirements for tu instancia de servidor de GitHub Enterprise, see the hardware considerations for your instance's platform.

For more information about adjusting resources for an existing instance, see "Increasing storage capacity" and "Increasing CPU or memory resources."

External storage requirements

To enable GitHub Actions on Servidor de GitHub Enterprise, you must have access to external blob storage.

GitHub Actions uses blob storage to store artifacts generated by workflow runs, such as workflow logs and user-uploaded build artifacts. The amount of storage required depends on your usage of GitHub Actions. Only a single external storage configuration is supported, and you can't use multiple storage providers at the same time.

GitHub Actions supports these storage providers:

  • Azure Blob storage
  • Amazon S3
  • S3-compatible MinIO Gateway for NAS

Note: These are the only storage providers that GitHub supports and can provide assistance with. Other S3 API-compatible storage providers are unlikely to work due to differences from the S3 API. Contact us to request support for additional storage providers.

Amazon S3 permissions

GitHub Actions requires the following permissions for the access key that will access the bucket:

  • s3:PutObject
  • s3:GetObject
  • s3:ListBucketMultipartUploads
  • s3:ListMultipartUploadParts
  • s3:AbortMultipartUpload
  • s3:DeleteObject
  • s3:ListBucket

Enabling GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions support on Servidor de GitHub Enterprise 2.22 was available as a limited beta. To configure GitHub Actions for your instance, upgrade to Servidor de GitHub Enterprise 3.0 or later. For more information, see the Servidor de GitHub Enterprise 3.0 release notes and "Upgrading Servidor de GitHub Enterprise."

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