You can configure GitHub Enterprise to send notification emails for new issues, pull requests, commits, @mentions, and other repository events.

  1. Access the Management Console.

  2. At the top of the page, click the Settings tab. Settings tab

  3. On the left side of the page, click Email. Email tab

  4. Under Support email address, type the email address to use for all "support" links (such as the one in the footer on every page). Support email address

  5. If you'd like to enable outbound email, select Enable outbound email. Otherwise, skip to step 16. Enable outbound email

  6. Under Server address, type the address of your SMTP server. Server address

  7. Under Port, type the port that your SMTP server uses to send email. Port

  8. Under Domain, type the domain name that your SMTP server will send with a HELO response, if any. Domain

  9. Under TLS, unselect Enable TLS if your SMTP server does not support it. Enable TLS

  10. Under Authentication, choose the type of encryption used by your SMTP server. Authentication

  11. Under No-reply email address, type the email address to use in the From and To fields for all notifications emails. No-reply email address

  12. At the top of the Email section, click Test email settings. Test email settings

  13. Type an address to send the test email to. Test email address

  14. Click Send test email. Send test email

  15. If the test email fails, troubleshoot your email settings.

  16. At the bottom of the page, click Save settings. Save settings button

  17. Wait for the configuration run to complete. Configuring your instance