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GitHub glossary

This glossary introduces common Git and GitHub terminology. @mention To notify a person on GitHub by using @ before their username. Users in an organization

Repositories / Manage repository settings / Enable features /

Managing GitHub Actions settings for a repository

You can disable or configure GitHub Actions for a specific repository. About GitHub Actions permissions for your repository By default, GitHub Actions

Code security / Supply chain security / End-to-end supply chain /

Best practices for securing code in your supply chain

Guidance on how to protect the center of your supply chain—the code you write and the code you depend on. About this guide This guide describes the highest

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Managing an individual's access to an organization repository

You can manage a person's access to a repository owned by your organization. About access to organization repositories When you remove a collaborator from

Organizations / Manage organization settings /

Managing the default branch name for repositories in your organization

individual repositories. For more information, see "Enforcing repository management policies in your enterprise" and "Changing the default

Code security / Getting started /

Securing your repository

You can use a number of GitHub features to help keep your repository secure. Introduction This guide shows you how to configure security features for a

Repositories / Manage repository settings / Manage repository settings /

Managing teams and people with access to your repository

You can see everyone who has access to your repository and adjust permissions. About access management for repositories For each repository that you administer

GitHub Desktop / Add & clone repositories /

Cloning and forking repositories from GitHub Desktop

You can use GitHub Desktop to clone and fork repositories that exist on GitHub. About local repositories Repositories on GitHub are remote repositories

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Configuring Dependabot alerts

right of Dependabot alerts, select Automatically enable for new repositories. Managing Dependabot alerts for your repository You can manage Dependabot

Pull requests / Collaborate with pull requests / Working with forks /

What happens to forks when a repository is deleted or changes visibility?

"Managing the forking policy for your organization" "Enforcing repository management policies in your enterprise"