Types of emails GitHub sends

There are several types of emails you can receive from GitHub, including notifications, account information, and marketing communications.

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Notification emails

You can choose to receive some or all of your activity notifications via email. For more information, see "About notifications." Notification emails can include:

  • Security-related activity on repositories you have admin access to
  • Activity on repositories you're watching
  • Conversations you're participating in
  • Conversations where you've been @mentioned
  • Pushes to pull requests you're participating in
  • Invitations to collaborate in an organization or repository
  • Your own activity, such as opening, commenting on, or closing issues and pull requests

You can also choose which type of email updates you'd like to receive on conversations you're participating in or watching. For more information, see "Configuring notifications."

Account emails

If you've upgraded to paid products or features, then you'll receive billing receipts at the account's primary email address. For more information, see "Setting your billing email."

Marketing emails

GitHub occasionally sends these types of marketing emails:

  • Tips and tricks for getting started with your account
  • Customized information about engaging projects or new features
  • Newsletters that you've subscribed to, such as Explore GitHub

For more information, see "Managing marketing emails from GitHub."

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