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About GitHub AE

GitHub AE is a security-enhanced and compliant way to use GitHub in the cloud.

About GitHub AE

GitHub AE enables you to move your DevOps workload to the cloud while meeting stringent security and compliance requirements. GitHub AE is fully managed, reliable, and scalable, allowing you to accelerate delivery without sacrificing risk management.

GitHub AE offers one developer platform from idea to production. You can increase development velocity with the tools that teams know and love, while you maintain industry and regulatory compliance with unique security and access controls, workflow automation, and policy enforcement.

A highly available and planet-scale cloud

GitHub AE is a fully managed service, hosted in a high availability architecture. GitHub AE is hosted globally in a cloud that can scale to support your full development lifecycle without limits. GitHub fully manages backups, failover, and disaster recovery, so you never need to worry about your service or data.

Data residency

All of your data is stored within the geographic region of your choosing. You can comply with GDPR and global data protection standards by keeping all of your data within your chosen region.

Isolated accounts

All developer accounts are fully isolated in GitHub AE. You can fully control the accounts through your identity provider, with SAML single sign on as mandatory. SCIM enables you to ensure that employees only have access to the resources they should, as defined in your central identity management system. For more information, see "Managing identity and access for your enterprise."

Restricted network access

Secure access to your enterprise on GitHub AE with restricted network access, so that your data can only be accessed from within your network. For more information, see "Restricting network traffic to your enterprise."

Commercial and government environments

GitHub AE is available in the Azure Government cloud, the trusted cloud for US government agencies and their partners. GitHub AE is also available in the commercial cloud, so you can choose the hosting environment that is right for your organization.

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