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About enterprise accounts

With GitHub AE, you can use an enterprise account to give administrators a single point of visibility and management.

About enterprise accounts on GitHub AE

The enterprise account on GitHub AE allows you to manage the organizations owned by your enterprise.

Organizations are shared accounts where enterprise members can collaborate across many projects at once. Organization owners can manage access to the organization's data and projects with sophisticated security and administrative features. For more information, see "About organizations" and "Managing users, organizations, and repositories."

For more information about the management of policies for your enterprise account, see "Setting policies for your enterprise."

About administration of your enterprise account

From your enterprise account on GitHub AE, administrators can view enterprise membership and manage the following for the enterprise on GitHub AE.

  • Security (single sign-on, IP allow lists, SSH certificate authorities, two-factor authentication)
  • Enterprise policies for organizations owned by the enterprise account

About billing for your enterprise account

The bill for your enterprise account includes the monthly cost for each member of your enterprise. The bill includes additional paid services for your enterprise and usage for GitHub Advanced Security.

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