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Using Actions Runner Controller runners in a workflow

You can use Actions Runner Controller runners in a workflow file.

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About using ARC runners in a workflow file

To assign jobs to run on a runner scale set, you can specify the name of the scale set as the value for the runs-on key in your GitHub Actions workflow file.

For example, the following configuration for a runner scale set has the INSTALLATION_NAME value set to arc-runner-set.

# Using a Personal Access Token (PAT)
helm install "${INSTALLATION_NAME}" \
    --namespace "${NAMESPACE}" \
    --create-namespace \
    --set githubConfigUrl="${GITHUB_CONFIG_URL}" \
    --set githubConfigSecret.github_token="${GITHUB_PAT}" \

To use this configuration in a workflow, set the value of the runs-on key in your workflow to arc-runner-set, similar to the following example.

    runs-on: arc-runner-set

Using runner scale set names

Runner scale set names are unique within the runner group they belong to. To deploy multiple runner scale sets with the same name, they must belong to different runner groups. For more information about specifying runner scale set names, see "Deploying runner scale sets with Actions Runner Controller."

You cannot use additional labels to target runners created by ARC. You can only use the installation name of the runner scale set that you specified during the installation or by defining the value of the runnerScaleSetName field in your values.yaml file. These are used as the 'single label' to use as your runs-on target. For more information, see "Deploying runner scale sets with Actions Runner Controller."

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