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Guides for GitHub Enterprise

Learn how to increase developer productivity and code quality with GitHub Enterprise Server.

Enterprise administrators learning paths

Learning paths are a collection of guides that help you master a particular subject.

Deploy an instance

Install GitHub Enterprise Server on your platform of choice and configure SAML authentication.

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  1. OverviewSystem overview
  2. How-to guideInstalling GitHub Enterprise
  3. How-to guideAdministering your instance from the web UI
  4. How-to guideConfiguring the hostname for your instance
  5. Using SAML for enterprise IAM

Upgrade your instance

Test upgrades in staging, notify users of maintenance, and upgrade your instance for the latest features and security updates.

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  1. How-to guideEnabling automatic update checks
  2. How-to guideSetting up a staging instance
  3. ReferenceUpgrade requirements
  4. How-to guideCustomizing user messages for your enterprise
  5. How-to guideEnabling and scheduling maintenance mode
  6. How-to guideUpgrading GitHub Enterprise Server

Increase the fault tolerance of your instance

Back up your developers' code and configure high availability (HA) to ensure the reliability of GitHub Enterprise Server in your environment.

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  1. How-to guideAccessing the administrative shell (SSH)
  2. How-to guideConfiguring backups on your instance
  3. OverviewAbout high availability configuration
  4. How-to guideCreating a high availability replica
  5. How-to guideUsing GitHub Enterprise Server with a load balancer

Improve the security of your instance

Review network configuration and security features, and harden the instance running GitHub Enterprise Server to protect your enterprise's data.

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  1. How-to guideEnabling private mode
  2. How-to guideConfiguring TLS
  3. How-to guideTroubleshooting TLS errors
  4. How-to guideEnabling subdomain isolation
  5. How-to guideAccessing the administrative shell (SSH)
  6. ReferenceNetwork ports
  7. How-to guideConfiguring built-in firewall rules
  8. ReferenceBest practices for user security
  9. How-to guidePromoting or demoting a site administrator
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