About enterprise accounts

With GitHub Enterprise Cloud, you can use an enterprise account to enable collaboration between your organizations, while giving administrators a single point of visibility and management.

About enterprise accounts on GitHub Enterprise Cloud

Your enterprise account on GitHub.com allows you to manage multiple organizations. Your enterprise account must have a handle, like an organization or personal account on GitHub.

Organizations are shared accounts where enterprise members can collaborate across many projects at once. Organization owners can manage access to the organization's data and projects with sophisticated security and administrative features. For more information, see "About organizations."

Enterprise owners can create organizations and link the organizations to the enterprise. Alternatively, you can invite an existing organization to join your enterprise account. After you add organizations to your enterprise account, you can manage and enforce policies for the organizations. Specific enforcement options vary by setting; generally, you can choose to enforce a single policy for every organization in your enterprise account or allow owners to set policy on the organization level. For more information, see "Setting policies for your enterprise."

If you currently use GitHub Enterprise Cloud with a single organization, we encourage you to create an enterprise account. For more information, see "Creating an enterprise account."

About administration of your enterprise account

When you try or purchase GitHub Enterprise, you can create an enterprise account for GitHub Enterprise Cloud on GitHub.com. Administrators for the enterprise account on GitHub.com can view membership and manage the following for the enterprise account.

  • Billing and usage (services on GitHub.com, GitHub Advanced Security, user licenses)
  • Security (single sign-on, IP allow lists, SSH certificate authorities, two-factor authentication)
  • Enterprise policies for organizations owned by the enterprise account

If you use both GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server, you can also manage the following for GitHub Enterprise Server from your enterprise account on GitHub.com.

  • Billing and usage for GitHub Enterprise Server instances
  • Requests and support bundle sharing with GitHub Enterprise Support

You can also connect the enterprise account on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance to your enterprise account on GitHub.com to see license usage details for your GitHub Enterprise subscription from GitHub.com. For more information, see "Syncing license usage between GitHub Enterprise Server and GitHub Enterprise Cloud" in the GitHub Enterprise Server documentation.

For more information about the differences between GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server, see "GitHub's products." To upgrade to GitHub Enterprise or to get started with an enterprise account, contact GitHub's Sales team.

About Enterprise Managed Users

Enterprise Managed Users is a feature of GitHub Enterprise Cloud that provides even greater control over enterprise members and resources. With Enterprise Managed Users, all members are provisioned and managed through your identity provider (IdP) instead of users creating their own accounts on GitHub Enterprise Cloud. Team membership can be managed using groups on your IdP. Managed users are restricted to their enterprise and are unable to push code, collaborate, or interact with users, repositories, and organizations outside of their enterprise. For more information, see "About Enterprise Managed Users."

About billing for your enterprise account

The bill for your enterprise account includes the monthly cost for each member of your enterprise. The bill includes any paid licenses in organizations outside of your enterprise account, subscriptions to apps in GitHub Marketplace, additional paid services for your enterprise like data packs for Git Large File Storage, and usage for GitHub Advanced Security.

For more information about billing for your GitHub Enterprise Cloud subscription, see "Viewing the subscription and usage for your enterprise account" and "About billing for your enterprise."

GitHub Enterprise offers two deployment options. In addition to GitHub Enterprise Cloud, you can use GitHub Enterprise Server to host development work for your enterprise in your data center or supported cloud provider. Enterprise owners on GitHub.com can use an enterprise account to manage payment and licensing for GitHub Enterprise Server instances. For more information, see "GitHub's products" and "Managing your license for GitHub Enterprise."

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