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Self review checklist

Before you submit your pull request for review, you should first review it yourself.

Articles in the "Contributing to GitHub Docs" section refer to the documentation itself and are a resource for GitHub staff and open source contributors.

Before you submit your changes to the GitHub Docs team for review, work through the list below to complete your self review.

  • If there is a content design plan, confirm that your changes meet the user experience and goals outlined in the plan.
  • After opening your pull request, view your changes on staging to confirm the article renders as expected and matches the source. This helps spot issues like typos, content that doesn't follow the style guide, or content that isn't rendering due to versioning problems.
  • Review your changes for technical accuracy.
  • Review your entire pull request to ensure it follows our guidance on creating content that can be translated. For more information, see "Writing content to be translated."
  • Check your changes for grammar, spelling, and adherence to the style guide. For more information, see "Style guide."
  • If you have added new versioning or made changes to existing versioning, confirm your changes render as expected while viewing each available version of the article.
  • If there are any failing checks in your pull request, troubleshoot them until they're all passing.