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Verwalten von Richtlinien und Features für Copilot in Ihrem Unternehmen

Unternehmensbesitzer können die Verfügbarkeit von GitHub Copilot und der zugehörigen Features für alle Organisationen im Unternehmen steuern.

Wer kann dieses Feature verwenden?

Enterprise owners

Copilot Enterprise or Copilot Business

About policies for GitHub Copilot in your enterprise

You can set policies that control the availability of Copilot and its features in your enterprise and organizations.

There are three enforcement options for Copilot policies in your enterprise:

  • No policy - The feature is initially disabled at the organization level, but each organization with Copilot enabled in your enterprise can set their own policy for the feature.
  • Enabled - The feature is available in all organizations with Copilot enabled in your enterprise.
  • Disabled - The feature is blocked for all organizations with Copilot enabled in your enterprise.

If a policy is enabled or disabled at the enterprise level, the same policy cannot be changed at the organization level.

If no policy is chosen at the enterprise level, and multiple organizations within the enterprise choose different policies and grant access to the same users, the most restrictive policy is enforced.

You can configure any of the following policies for your enterprise:

Copilot in

With a Copilot Enterprise license, you can enable "Copilot in" to provide members of your enterprise access to AI features on, including:

  • GitHub Copilot Chat in - You can ask GitHub Copilot coding-related questions within a chat interface on You can ask general questions or questions within a specific context such as a repository, issue, file, or symbol.
  • Copilot pull request summaries - Copilot can generate a summary of the changes made in a pull request, as well as a list of impacted files, using natural language. This overview helps reviewers quickly understand the proposed changes.
  • Copilot knowledge bases - Organization owners can create knowledge bases consisting of Markdown documentation across one or more repositories, allowing organization members to use that documentation as context when they ask questions in Copilot Chat in, Copilot Chat in Visual Studio Code, and Copilot Chat in Visual Studio.

If you enable "Copilot in", you can also configure additional features:

  • Opt in to user feedback collection - If enabled, members of your enterprise can provide feedback after Copilot generates a pull request summary, and the summary will be sent to GitHub for context. If disabled, members of your enterprise can still provide feedback after each Copilot Chat response, and via the "Give feedback" link in conversations.

GitHub Copilot in the CLI

GitHub Copilot in the CLI is an extension for GitHub CLI which provides a chat-like interface in the terminal. You can ask GitHub Copilot for command suggestions, or for explanations of commands they run.

GitHub Copilot Chat in the IDE

You can chat with GitHub Copilot in your IDE to get code suggestions and answers to coding-related questions without context switching.

GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile

GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile is a chat interface that lets you interact with GitHub Copilot to ask and receive answers to coding-related questions within GitHub Mobile.

GitHub Copilot Extensions


GitHub Copilot Extensions are in limited public beta and subject to change.

GitHub Copilot Extensions integrate external tools with GitHub Copilot Chat, helping members of your enterprise reduce context switching, interact with tools using natural language, and customize their Copilot Chat experience.

Suggestions matching public code

GitHub Copilot includes a filter which detects code suggestions that match public code on GitHub. When the filter is enabled, GitHub Copilot checks code suggestions with their surrounding code of about 150 characters against public code on GitHub. If there is a match or near match, the suggestion will not be shown.

Give Copilot access to Bing


Bing search integration into Copilot Chat in, VS Code, and Visual Studio is currently in beta and is subject to change.

GitHub Copilot Chat can use Bing to provide enhanced responses by searching the internet for information related to a question. Bing search is particularly helpful when discussing new technologies or highly specific subjects.

Configuring policies for GitHub Copilot

  1. In the top-right corner of GitHub, click your profile photo, then click Your enterprises.

  2. In the list of enterprises, click the enterprise you want to view.

  3. On the left side of the page, in the enterprise account sidebar, click Policies.

  4. In the " Policies" section, click Copilot.

  5. On the "GitHub Copilot" page, click the Policies tab.

  6. For each policy you want to configure, click the dropdown menu and select an enforcement option.