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Creating a support ticket

You can use the Azure 支持门户 to create a support ticket and speak to GitHub 支持.

You can submit a ticket for support with GitHub AE from the Azure 支持门户.


To submit a ticket for GitHub AE in the Azure 支持门户, you must provide the ID for your GitHub AE subscription in Azure to your Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) at Microsoft.

Submitting a ticket using the Azure 支持门户

Commercial customers can submit a support request in the Azure 支持门户. Government customers should use the Azure portal for government customers. For more information, see Create an Azure support request in the Microsoft Docs.

Troubleshooting problems in the Azure 支持门户

GitHub is unable to troubleshoot access and subscription issues in the Azure portal. For help with the Azure portal, contact your CSAM at Microsoft or review the following information.

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