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About GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub makes extra security features available to customers under an Advanced Security license.

GitHub Advanced Security 适用于 GitHub Enterprise Cloud、GitHub AE, 和 GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0 或更高版本上的企业帐户。 有关升级 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例的更多信息,请参阅“关于升级到新版本”,并参阅 升级助手 以查找当前发行版的升级路径。

About GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub has many features that help you improve and maintain the quality of your code. Some of these are included in all plans. Other security features require a GitHub Advanced Security.

There is no charge for GitHub Advanced Security on GitHub AE during the beta release.

About Advanced Security features

A GitHub Advanced Security license provides the following additional features:

  • 代码扫描 - Search for potential security vulnerabilities and coding errors in your code. For more information, see "About 代码扫描."

  • 秘密扫描 - Detect secrets, for example keys and tokens, that have been checked into the repository. For more information, see "About 秘密扫描."

  • Dependency review - Show the full impact of changes to dependencies and see details of any vulnerable versions before you merge a pull request. For more information, see "About dependency review."

For information about Advanced Security features that are in development, see "GitHub public roadmap." For an overview of all security features, see "GitHub security features."

Enabling Advanced Security features

You can enable and disable these features at the organization or repository level. For more information, see "Managing security and analysis settings for your organization" and "Managing security and analysis settings for your repository."

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