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About the audit log for your enterprise

To support debugging and internal and external compliance, GitHub Enterprise Server provides logs of audited system, user, organization, and repository events.

About audit logs

审核日志列出了由影响企业的活动触发的事件。 GitHub Enterprise Server 的审核日志将无限期保留,除非企业所有者配置了不同的保留期。 有关详细信息,请参阅“为企业配置审核日志”。

默认情况下,仅显示过去三个月的事件。 若要查看较旧的事件,必须使用 created 参数指定日期范围。 有关详细信息,请参阅“了解搜索语法”。

每个审核日志条目的名称由 action 对象或类别限定符组成,后跟操作类型。 例如,repo.create 条目是指对 repo 类别的 create 操作。


  • 执行操作的企业或组织
  • 执行操作的用户(参与者)
  • 受操作影响的用户
  • 执行操作的仓库
  • 执行的操作
  • 发生操作的国家/地区
  • 发生操作的日期和时间

In addition to viewing your audit log, you can monitor activity in your enterprise in other ways, such as viewing push logs and managing global webhooks. For more information, see "Exploring user activity in your enterprise."

Using your audit logs

As an enterprise owner or site administrator, you can interact with the audit log data for your enterprise in several ways:

For a full list of audit log actions that may appear in your enterprise audit log, see "Audit log actions for your enterprise."

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