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Quickstart for GitHub Pages

You can use GitHub Pages to showcase some open source projects, host a blog, or even share your résumé. This guide will help get you started on creating your next website.

GitHub Pages 适用于具有 GitHub Free 和组织的 GitHub Free 的公共仓库,以及具有 GitHub Pro、GitHub Team、GitHub Enterprise Cloud 和 GitHub Enterprise Server 的公共和私有仓库。


GitHub Pages are public webpages hosted and published through GitHub Enterprise Server. The quickest way to get up and running is by using the Jekyll Theme Chooser to load a pre-made theme. You can then modify your GitHub Pages' content and style.

This guide will lead you through creating a user site at

Creating your website

  1. 在任何页面的右上角,使用 下拉菜单选择 New repository(新建仓库)带有创建新仓库选项的下拉菜单
  2. Enter as the repository name. Replace username with your GitHub username. For example, if your username is octocat, the repository name should be Repository name field
  3. 在仓库名称下,单击 Settings(设置)仓库设置按钮
  4. 在左侧边栏中,单击 Pages(页面)左侧边栏中的页面选项卡
  5. Click Choose a theme. 选择主题按钮
  6. The Theme Chooser will open. Browse the available themes, then click Select theme to select a theme. It's easy to change your theme later, so if you're not sure, just choose one for now. 主题选项和选择主题按钮
  7. After you select a theme, your repository's file will open in the file editor. The file is where you will write the content for your site. You can edit the file or keep the default content for now.
  8. When you are done editing the file, click Commit changes.
  9. Visit to view your new website. 注:对站点的更改在推送到 GitHub Enterprise Server 后,最长可能需要 20 分钟才会发布。

Changing the title and description

By default, the title of your site is You can change the title by editing the _config.yml file in your repository. You can also add a description for your site.

  1. Click the Code tab of your repository.

  2. In the file list, click _config.yml to open the file.

  3. Click to edit the file.

  4. The _config.yml file already contains a line that specifies the theme for your site. Add a new line with title: followed by the title you want. Add a new line with description: followed by the description you want. 例如:

    theme: jekyll-theme-minimal
    title: Octocat's homepage
    description: Bookmark this to keep an eye on my project updates!
  5. When you are done editing the file, click Commit changes.


For more information about how to add additional pages to your site, see "Adding content to your GitHub Pages site using Jekyll."

For more information about setting up a GitHub Pages site with Jekyll, see "About GitHub Pages and Jekyll."