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设置 GitHub Enterprise Cloud 试用版

您可以免费试用 GitHub Enterprise Cloud。

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关于 GitHub Enterprise Cloud

GitHub Enterprise Cloud is a plan for large businesses or teams who collaborate on

Your team can collaborate on GitHub Enterprise Cloud by using an organization account. Each person that uses GitHub signs into a user account. Multiple user accounts can collaborate on shared projects by joining the same organization account, which owns the repositories. A subset of these user accounts can be given the role of organization owner, which allows those people to granularly manage access to the organization's resources using sophisticated security and administrative features. For more information about accounts, see "Types of GitHub accounts."

You can use organizations for free with GitHub Free, which includes limited features. For additional features, such as SAML single sign-on (SSO), access control for GitHub Pages, and included GitHub Actions minutes, you can upgrade to GitHub Enterprise Cloud. For a detailed list of the features available with GitHub Enterprise Cloud, see our Pricing page.

If you configure SAML SSO, members of your organization will continue to log into their user accounts on When a member accesses non-public resources within your organization that uses SAML SSO, GitHub redirects the member to your IdP to authenticate. 身份验证成功后,IdP 将该成员重定向回 GitHub,然后成员可以访问组织的资源。

Note: Organization members can perform read operations such as viewing, cloning, and forking on public resources owned by your organization even without a valid SAML session.

For more information, see "[About identity and access management with SAML single sign-on](/enterprise-cloud@latest/organizations/managing-saml-single-sign-on-for-your-organization/about-identity-and-access-management-with-saml-single-sign-on)."

Enterprise Managed Users is a feature of GitHub Enterprise Cloud that provides even greater control over enterprise members and resources. With Enterprise Managed Users, all members are provisioned and managed through your identity provider (IdP) instead of users creating their own accounts on GitHub Enterprise Cloud. Team membership can be managed using groups on your IdP. Managed users are restricted to their enterprise and are unable to push code, collaborate, or interact with users, repositories, and organizations outside of their enterprise. For more information, see "About Enterprise Managed Users."

Enterprise Managed Users is not part of the free trial of GitHub Enterprise Cloud. If you're interested in Enterprise Managed Users, please contact GitHub's Sales team.

如果不确定 GitHub Enterprise Cloud、GitHub Enterprise Server 或二者是否最适合您的组织,请联系 GitHub' 销售团队。 如果您的组织有 11 个或更少的开发人员,请考虑 GitHub Team;拥有 12 个或更多开发人员的组织通常从 GitHub Enterprise 中获益最大。 更多信息请参阅“GitHub 的产品”。

关于 GitHub Enterprise Cloud 试用版

You can set up a 30-day trial to evaluate GitHub Enterprise Cloud. 在试用期间无需提供付款方式,除非您将 GitHub Marketplace 应用程序添加到需要付款方式的组织。 更多信息请参阅“关于 GitHub Marketplace 的计费”。

试用版包括 50 个席位。 如果需要更多席位来评估 GitHub Enterprise Cloud,请联系 GitHub' 销售团队。 在试用结束时,您可以选择不同数量的席位。

试用版也可用于 GitHub Enterprise Server。 更多信息请参阅“设置 GitHub Enterprise Server 的试用”。

设置 GitHub Enterprise Cloud 的试用版

Before you can try GitHub Enterprise Cloud, you must be signed into a user account. If you don't already have a user account on, you must create one. 更多信息请参阅“注册新 GitHub 帐户”。

  1. Navigate to GitHub for enterprises.
  2. Click Start a free trial. "Start a free trial" button
  3. Click Enterprise Cloud. "Enterprise Cloud" button
  4. Follow the prompts to configure your trial.

探索 GitHub Enterprise Cloud

设置试用版后,您可以按照 Enterprise 入门指南来探索 GitHub Enterprise Cloud。

You can read documentation that reflects the features available to you on GitHub Enterprise Cloud. For more information, see "About versions of GitHub Docs."

有关计划功能和产品的信息,请参阅 GitHub 公共路线图


在试用期间,您可以随时购买 GitHub Enterprise 或降级到 GitHub Team。

如果在试用期结束前没有购买 GitHub Enterprise 或 GitHub Team , 您的组织将会降级到 GitHub Free,不能使用只包含在付费产品中的任何高级工具和功能,包括从那些私有仓库发布的 GitHub Pages 站点。 如果您不打算升级,为避免失去高级功能的使用权限,请在试用结束前将仓库设为公共。 更多信息请参阅“设置仓库可见性”。

对于组织来说,降级到 GitHub Free 还会禁用试用期间配置的任何 SAML 设置。 购买 GitHub Enterprise 或 GitHub Team 后,您的 SAML 设置将再次启用,以便您组织中的用户进行身份验证。

  1. In the top right corner of, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations. 个人资料菜单中的组织
  2. 在组织旁边,单击 Settings(设置)设置按钮
  3. 在组织的 Settings(设置)侧边栏中,单击 Billing & plans(帐单和计划)帐单设置
  4. 在“GitHub Enterprise Cloud Free Trial(GitHub Enterprise Cloud 免费试用)”下,单击 Buy Enterprise(购买 Enterprise 版)Downgrade to Team(降级到 Team 版)购买 Enterprise 版和降级到 Team 版按钮
  5. 按照提示输入付款方式,然后单击 Submit(提交)