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查看组织的 GitHub Actions 使用指标

组织所有者和 CI/CD 管理员可以查看组织的使用指标,包括使用 GitHub Actions 的方式和位置。


Organization owners and users with the "View organization Actions usage metrics" permissions.

Your organization must be on a GitHub Enterprise Cloud plan.


GitHub Actions usage metrics are in beta and subject to change.

If you are on a GitHub Enterprise Cloud plan, GitHub Actions usage metrics enable you to analyze how your organization is using Actions minutes. You can view usage information related to:

  • Workflows. View usage data for each workflow in your organization, and use this information to identify opportunities for optimization, such as refactoring a workflow or using a larger runner.
  • Jobs. See which jobs are the most resource-intensive and where they are running.
  • Repositories. Get a high-level snapshot of each repository in your organization and their volume of Actions minutes usage.
  • Runtime OS. Understand how runners for each operating system are using Actions minutes and what types of operating systems your workflows are running on most often.
  • Runner type. Compare how your self-hosted runners and GitHub-hosted runners use Actions minutes and the volume of workflow runs for each type of runner.

For more information about how to use GitHub Actions usage metrics, see "Viewing usage metrics for GitHub Actions" in the GitHub Enterprise Cloud documentation.