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Поиск в GitHub Marketplace

Вы можете искать приложения и действия, доступные в GitHub Marketplace.

About searching GitHub Marketplace

You can find apps and actions on GitHub Marketplace in two ways:

  • Search from in GitHub Marketplace.
  • Search across all of and then filter the results.

Searching in GitHub Marketplace

  1. To open GitHub Marketplace, in the top-left corner of, select , then click Marketplace.

    Screenshot of the navigation bar on GitHub. The "Open global navigation menu" icon is outlined in dark orange.

    Note: This step refers to the new global navigation, which is currently in public beta and subject to change. For more information on the new global navigation and reverting to the old global navigation, see the GitHub Changelog.

  2. Type any keywords and press Enter.

  3. Optionally, filter your results by clicking one or more options in the left sidebar.

Searching across

Anytime you search across all of, you can filter the results to see matching apps and actions from GitHub Marketplace.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Type any keywords and press Enter.
  3. To see all available filters for your search, in the "Filter by" sidebar, click More.
  4. To see results from GitHub Marketplace, click Marketplace.

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