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Выпуск GitHub AE сейчас ограничен.

GitHub CLI

GitHub CLI — это программа командной строки, которая предоставляет запросы на вытягивание, проблемы, GitHub Actions и другие функции GitHub AE в терминале, чтобы вы могли выполнять всю работу в одном месте.

GitHub CLI is an open source tool for using GitHub from your computer's command line. When you're working from the command line, you can use the GitHub CLI to save time and avoid switching context.

GitHub CLI includes GitHub features such as:

  • View, create, clone, and fork repositories
  • Create, close, edit, and view issues and pull requests
  • Review, diff, and merge pull requests
  • Run, view, and list workflows
  • Create, list, view, and delete releases
  • Create, edit, list, view, and delete gists
  • Retrieve information from the GitHub API

For more information, see "GitHub CLI documentation."