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Эта версия GitHub Enterprise Server будет прекращена 2023-12-20. Исправления выпускаться не будут даже при критических проблемах безопасности. Для повышения производительности, повышения безопасности и новых функций выполните обновление до последней версии GitHub Enterprise Server. Чтобы получить справку по обновлению, обратитесь в службу поддержки GitHub Enterprise.

Сведения о профиле

На странице профиля отображаются сведения о вашей работе через репозитории, которые вас интересуют, вклад, который вы сделали, и беседы, в которых вы участвовали.

You can add personal information about yourself in your bio, like previous places you've worked, projects you've contributed to, or interests you have that other people may like to know about. For more information, see "Personalizing your profile."

If you add a README file to the root of a public repository with the same name as your username, that README will automatically appear on your profile page. You can edit your profile README with GitHub Flavored Markdown to create a personalized section on your profile. For more information, see "Managing your profile README."

Screenshot of the profile page for @octocato. In the top-right corner, a profile README greets the viewer and lists information about the user's work.

People who visit your profile see a timeline of your contribution activity, like issues and pull requests you've opened, commits you've made, and pull requests you've reviewed. You can choose to display only public contributions or to also include private, anonymized contributions. For more information, see "Viewing contributions on your profile" or "Showing your private contributions and achievements on your profile."

People who visit your profile can also see the following information.

You can also set a status on your profile to provide information about your availability. For more information, see "Personalizing your profile."

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