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Поиск фиксаций

Можно выполнять поиск фиксаций в GitHub Enterprise Server и использовать квалификаторы поиска фиксаций в любом сочетании, чтобы уточнить результаты.

You can search for commits globally across all of GitHub Enterprise Server, or search for commits within a particular repository or organization. For more information, see "About searching on GitHub."

When you search for commits, only the default branch of a repository is searched.


  • This article contains links to example searches on the website, but you can use the same search filters with GitHub Enterprise Server. In the linked example searches, replace with the hostname for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance.
  • For a list of search syntaxes that you can add to any search qualifier to further improve your results, see "Understanding the search syntax".
  • Use quotations around multi-word search terms. For example, if you want to search for issues with the label "In progress," you'd search for label:"in progress". Search is not case sensitive.

Search within commit messages

You can find commits that contain particular words in the message. For example, fix typo matches commits containing the words "fix" and "typo."

Search by author or committer

You can find commits by a particular user with the author or committer qualifiers.

author:USERNAMEauthor:defunkt matches commits authored by @defunkt.
committer:USERNAMEcommitter:defunkt matches commits committed by @defunkt.

The author-name and committer-name qualifiers match commits by the name of the author or committer.

author-name:NAMEauthor-name:wanstrath matches commits with "wanstrath" in the author name.
committer-name:NAMEcommitter-name:wanstrath matches commits with "wanstrath" in the committer name.

The author-email and committer-email qualifiers match commits by the author's or committer's full email address.

QualifierExample matches commits authored by matches commits committed by

Search by authored or committed date

Use the author-date and committer-date qualifiers to match commits authored or committed within the specified date range.

When you search for a date, you can use greater than, less than, and range qualifiers to further filter results. For more information, see "Understanding the search syntax."

author-date:YYYY-MM-DDauthor-date:<2016-01-01 matches commits authored before 2016-01-01.
committer-date:YYYY-MM-DDcommitter-date:>2016-01-01 matches commits committed after 2016-01-01.

Filter merge commits

The merge qualifier filters merge commits.

merge:truemerge:true matches merge commits.
merge:falsemerge:false matches non-merge commits.

Search by hash

The hash qualifier matches commits with the specified SHA-1 hash.

hash:HASHhash:124a9a0ee1d8f1e15e833aff432fbb3b02632105 matches commits with the hash 124a9a0ee1d8f1e15e833aff432fbb3b02632105.

Search by parent

The parent qualifier matches commits whose parent has the specified SHA-1 hash.

parent:HASHparent:124a9a0ee1d8f1e15e833aff432fbb3b02632105 matches children of commits with the hash 124a9a0ee1d8f1e15e833aff432fbb3b02632105.

Search by tree

The tree qualifier matches commits with the specified SHA-1 git tree hash.

tree:HASHtree:99ca967 matches commits that refer to the tree hash 99ca967.

Search within a user's or organization's repositories

To search commits in all repositories owned by a certain user or organization, use the user or org qualifier. To search commits in a specific repository, use the repo qualifier.

user:USERNAMEgibberish user:defunkt matches commit messages with the word "gibberish" in repositories owned by @defunkt.
org:ORGNAMEtest org:github matches commit messages with the word "test" in repositories owned by @github.
repo:USERNAME/REPOlanguage repo:defunkt/gibberish matches commit messages with the word "language" in @defunkt's "gibberish" repository.

Filter by repository visibility

The is qualifier matches commits from repositories with the specified visibility. For more information, see "About repositories."

is:publicis:public matches commits to public repositories.
is:internalis:internal matches commits to internal repositories.
is:privateis:private matches commits to private repositories.

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