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Для отправки результатов SARIF требуется маркер GitHub.

Необходимо предоставить метод проверки подлинности для процесса отправки, который будет использоваться для доступа к репозиторию.

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About this error

A GitHub token is required to upload SARIF results but none was specified

This error is reported if the upload process does not reference an authentication method, or if that method has the wrong permission. The permissions required to upload SARIF file to a repository are the same no matter what process you use to upload the data.

  • Fine-grained personal access tokens require write scope for the repository.
  • Classic personal access tokens require security_events scope for the repository
  • GitHub Apps require security_events scope for the repository.

You could see this error for SARIF files created using any tool and uploaded using any method.

Fixing the problem

Create a new personal access token or GitHub App with the correct permission. For more information see, "Managing your personal access tokens", or "Authenticating as a GitHub App" and "Deciding when to build a GitHub App."