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Enterprise Server 3.11 GitHub AE сейчас доступна как релиз-кандидат. Дополнительные сведения см. в разделе Сведения об обновлениях до новых выпусков.

Конкретный язык приводит к сбою установки по умолчанию

При включении настройки по умолчанию все языки, выбранные для анализа, должны быть успешно проанализированы, или конфигурация установки по умолчанию завершится ошибкой.

To enable default setup when a language previously failed, you must reconfigure default setup, deselecting all failing languages for analysis.

  1. If default setup fails, navigate to the main page of your repository, then click Settings.

  2. In the "Security" section of the sidebar, click Code security and analysis.

  3. Navigate to the "Code scanning" section. Then, in the error message reading "CodeQL default configuration failed", click failed.

  4. In the "Jobs" section of the workflow run summary for default setup, identify any failing jobs associated with specific languages. These jobs will be labeled Analyze (LANGUAGE).

  5. Once you have determined which language-specific jobs are failing, configure default setup once more and deselect the failing languages for analysis. For more information, see "Configuring default setup for code scanning."

    Alternatively, if you would like to analyze every language in your repository, you can configure advanced setup for code scanning. For more information, see "Configuring advanced setup for code scanning."