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Ошибка: "Вне диска" или ошибка: "Вне памяти"

If you see one of these errors with GitHub Actions, you can try alternative runners.

About these errors

Out of disk
Out of memory

You may see these errors on when running code scanning.

Confirming the cause of the problem

You can review the recommended hardware resources for running CodeQL to make sure the runners that you use for code scanning meet those requirements. For more information, see "Recommended hardware resources for running CodeQL."

Fixing the problem

If the runners that you're using don't meet the recommended hardware requirements, consider using either larger runners or self-hosted runners.

Larger runners are GitHub-hosted runners with more RAM, CPU, and disk space than standard runners. These runners have the runner application and other tools preinstalled. For more information about larger runners and the specifications you can use with them, see "About larger runners."

Self-hosted runners offer more control of hardware, operating system, and software tools than GitHub-hosted runners can provide. For more information, see "About self-hosted runners."