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Запрос утверждения организации для приложений OAuth

Члены организации и внешний участник совместной работы могут запросить, чтобы владелец одобрил доступ к ресурсам организации для OAuth apps.

About requesting organization approval for an OAuth app

Organization members can always request owner approval for OAuth apps they'd like to use, and organization owners receive a notification of pending requests. Outside collaborators can request owner approval for OAuth apps they'd like to use if integration access requests are enabled. For more information, see "Limiting OAuth app and GitHub App access requests."

Requesting organization approval for an OAuth app you've already authorized for your personal account

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page on GitHub, click your profile photo, then click Settings.

  2. In the "Integrations" section of the sidebar, click Applications.

  3. Click the Authorized OAuth Apps tab.

    Screenshot of the "Applications" page. A tab, labeled "Authorized OAuth Apps," is highlighted with an orange outline.

  4. In the list of applications, click the name of the OAuth app you'd like to request access for.

  5. Next to the organization you'd like the OAuth app to access, click Request access.

  6. After you review the information about requesting OAuth app access, click Request approval from owners.

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