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GitHub의 리포지토리와 연결된 토픽을 검색할 수 있습니다.

Search GitHub for topics

You can search for topics on GitHub, explore related topics, and see how many repositories are associated with a certain topic.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Type a topic keyword.

  3. In the left sidebar, to narrow your search to topics, click Topics.

    Screenshot of the repository search results page for the search term 'jekyll' with the "Topics" option in the left-hand menu outlined in dark orange.

Narrowing your search with search qualifiers

If you want to explore repositories about a certain topic, find projects to contribute to, or learn which topics are most popular on GitHub, you can search topics with the search qualifiers is:featured, is:curated, repositories:n and created:YYYY-MM-DD.

The is:featured search qualifier will narrow search results to the topics with the most repositories on GitHub. These topics are also featured at

The is:curated search qualifier will narrow search results to topics that community members have added extra information to. For more information, see the explore repository.

You can filter topics based when they were created using the date parameter and created: or based on how many repositories are associated with this topic using repositories:n. Both of these qualifiers can use the greater than and less than range qualifiers.

Date formatting must follow the ISO8601 standard, which is YYYY-MM-DD (year-month-day). You can also add optional time information THH:MM:SS+00:00 after the date, to search by the hour, minute, and second. That's T, followed by HH:MM:SS (hour-minutes-seconds), and a UTC offset (+00:00).

When you search for a date, you can use greater than, less than, and range qualifiers to further filter results. For more information, see "Understanding the search syntax."

is:curatedis:curated javascript matches topics that are curated and contain the word "javascript."
is:featuredis:featured javascript matches topics that are featured on and contain the word "javascript."
is:not-curatedis:not-curated javascript matches topics that don't have extra information, such as a description or logo, and contain the word "javascript."
is:not-featuredis:not-featured javascript matches topics that aren't featured on and contain the word "javascript."
repositories:nrepositories:>5000 matches topics that have more than 5000 repositories.
created:YYYY-MM-DDServerless created:>2019-01-01 matches topics with the word "serverless" that were created after 2018.

Search repositories by topic

You can use the topic: qualifier to find every repository connected to a particular topic. For more information, see "Searching for repositories."

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