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You can search for a file in a repository using the file finder. To search for a file in multiple repositories on GitHub, use the path code search qualifier.


  • By default, file finder results exclude some directories like build, log, tmp, and vendor. To search for files in these directories, use the path code search qualifier. Alternatively, you can customize which directories are excluded by default using a .gitattributes file.
  • You can also open the file finder by pressing t on your keyboard. For more information, see "Keyboard shortcuts."

Using the file finder

  1. On, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. In the file tree view, click the Jump to file search bar. You can also find the Jump to file search bar at the top of the integrated file editor.

    Screenshot of the file tree view for a repository. A search bar, labeled "Jump to file", is outlined in dark orange.

  3. In the search bar, type the name of the file or directory you'd like to find.

  4. In the list of results, click the file or directory you wanted to find. You can view the file path for a directory or file below each search result.

Customizing excluded files

By default, file finder results do not include files in the following directories if they exist at your repository root:

  • .git
  • .hg
  • .sass-cache
  • .svn
  • build
  • dot_git
  • log
  • tmp
  • vendor

You can override these default exclusions using a .gitattributes file.

To do this, create or update a file called .gitattributes in your repository root, setting the linguist-generated attribute to false for each directory that should be included in file finder results.

For example, the following .gitattributes file would cause files in the build/ directory to be available to the file finder:

build/** linguist-generated=false

Note that this override requires the use of the recursive glob pattern (**). For more information, see "pattern format" in the Git documentation. More complex overrides of subdirectories within excluded-by-default directories are not supported.

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