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이 버전의 GitHub Enterprise Server는 2023-09-25. 중요한 보안 문제에 대해서도 패치 릴리스가 이루어지지 않습니다. 성능 향상, 향상된 보안, 새로운 기능을 위해 최신 버전의 GitHub Enterprise로 업그레이드합니다. 업그레이드에 대한 도움말은 GitHub Enterprise 지원에 문의하세요.

엔터프라이즈 인증 정보

에서 이(가) 인증하여 GitHub Enterprise Server 인스턴스.

About authentication for your enterprise

Site administrators can decide how people authenticate to access a GitHub Enterprise Server instance. You can use GitHub Enterprise Server's built-in authentication, or, if you want to centralize identity and access management for the web applications that your team uses, you can configure an external authentication method.

The following authentication methods are available for GitHub Enterprise Server.

Built-in authentication

When you use built-in authentication for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, each person creates a personal account from an invitation or by signing up. To access your instance, people authenticate with the credentials for the account. For more information, see "Configuring built-in authentication."

External authentication

If you use an external directory or identity provider (IdP) to centralize access to multiple web applications, you may be able to configure external authentication for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance. For more information, see the following articles.

Note: You can use either SAML or LDAP, but not both.

If you choose to use external authentication, you can also configure fallback authentication for people who don't have an account on your external authentication provider. For example, you may want to grant access to a contractor or machine user. For more information, see "Allowing built-in authentication for users outside your provider."

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