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About GitHub's documentation philosophy

Our documentation philosophy guides what content we create and how we create it.

Articles in the "Contributing to GitHub Docs" section refer to the documentation itself and are a resource for GitHub staff and open source contributors.

About the GitHub documentation philosophy

As the home to the world's largest community of developers, we want to make sure that our documentation is accurate, valuable, inclusive, and easy to use. Our documentation philosophy leads us toward these goals.

  • We advocate for our users. This can occur at any point in the documentation process, from planning to writing to publishing. We respond to feedback and proactively work to create the best user experience possible on the GitHub Docs site.
  • We write for an international audience, so that our content can be translated and is inclusive of all people.
  • We create content that can be accessed by a broad group of users. Our content toolkit includes resources and guidance to reduce barriers for people with disabilities and we prioritize keeping up to date with the latest accessibility standards.
  • We create task-based content. We consider what people are trying to accomplish when they use GitHub, and then we create content that helps them achieve their goals and discover new possibilities.
  • We collaborate with teams across GitHub and the open source community to create high-quality content.
  • We continually learn and improve to curate the best experience for people using GitHub.