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About the security overview

You can view, filter, and sort security alerts for repositories owned by your organization or team in one place: the Security Overview page.

Organization owners and security managers can access the security overview for organizations. Teamのメンバーは、Teamが管理者権限を持つリポジトリのセキュリティの概要を見ることができます。

The security overview for your organization is available if you have a license for GitHub Advanced Security. 詳しい情報については、「GitHub Advanced Security について」を参照してください。

ノート: セキュリティの概要は現在ベータで、変更されることがあります。

About the security overview

You can use the security overview for a high-level view of the security status of your organization or to identify problematic repositories that require intervention. You can view aggregate or repository-specific security information in the security overview. You can also use the security overview to see which security features are enabled for your repositories and to configure any available security features that are not currently in use.

The security overview indicates whether security features are enabled for repositories owned by your organization and consolidates alerts for each feature. Security features include GitHub Advanced Security features, such as code scanning and secret scanning, as well as Dependabotアラート. For more information about GitHub Advanced Security features, see "About GitHub Advanced Security." For more information about Dependabotアラート, see "About Dependabotアラート."

For more information about securing your code at the repository and organization levels, see "Securing your repository" and "Securing your organization."

The application security team at your company can use the security overview for both broad and specific analyses of your organization's security status. For example, they can use the overview page to monitor adoption of features by your organization or by a specific team as you rollout GitHub Advanced Security to your enterprise, or to review all alerts of a specific type and severity level across all repositories in your organization.

About filtering and sorting alerts

In the security overview, you can view, sort, and filter alerts to understand the security risks in your organization and in specific repositories. The security summary is highly interactive, allowing you to investigate specific categories of information, based on qualifiers like alert risk level, alert type, and feature enablement. You can also apply multiple filters to focus on narrower areas of interest. For example, you can identify private repositories that have a high number of Dependabotアラート or repositories that have no code scanning alerts. For more information, see "Filtering alerts in the security overview."

The security overview for an organization

For each repository in the security overview, you will see icons for each type of security feature and how many alerts there are of each type. If a security feature is not enabled for a repository, the icon for that feature will be grayed out. In addition, a risk score is calculated for each repository based on its code scanning, Dependabot and secret scanning alerts. This score is in beta and should be used with caution. Its algorithm and approach is subject to change.

Icons in the security overview

Code scanning alerts. For more information, see "About code scanning."
Secret scanning alerts. For more information, see "About secret scanning."
Dependabotアラート. For more information, see "About Dependabotアラート."
The security feature is enabled, but does not raise alerts in this repository.
The security feature is not supported in this repository.

The security overview displays active alerts raised by security features. If there are no alerts in the security overview for a repository, undetected security vulnerabilities or code errors may still exist.

About the organization-level security overview

At the organization-level, the security overview displays aggregate and repository-specific security information for repositories owned by your organization. You can filter information by security features at the organization-level.

About the team-level security overview

At the team-level, the security overview displays repository-specific security information for repositories that the team has admin privileges for. For more information, see "Managing team access to an organization repository."