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Configuring code scanning for your appliance

You can enable, configure and disable code scanning for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance. Code scanning allows users to scan code for vulnerabilities and errors.

Code scanning は、GitHub Enterprise Server の Organization 所有のリポジトリで利用できます。 この機能には、GitHub Advanced Security のライセンスが必要です。 詳細については、「GitHub Advanced Security について」を参照してください。

About code scanning

Code scanning は、開発者が GitHub リポジトリ内のコードを分析して、セキュリティの脆弱性とコーディングエラーを見つけることができる機能です。 分析によって特定されたすべての問題はGitHub Enterprise Serverに表示されます。

You can configure code scanning to run CodeQL analysis and third-party analysis. Code scanning also supports running analysis natively using GitHub Actions or externally using existing CI/CD infrastructure. The table below summarizes all the options available to users when you configure your GitHub Enterprise Server instance to allow code scanning using actions.

CodeQLGitHub Actions を使う (「アクションを使った code scanning の設定」を参照) または、サードパーティの継続的インテグレーション (CI) システムで CodeQL 分析を行う (「CI システムにおける CodeQL code scanning について」を参照)。
サードパーティGitHub Actions を使う (「アクションを使った code scanning の設定」を参照) または、外部生成して GitHub Enterprise Server にアップロード (「GitHub への SARIF ファイルのアップロード」を参照)。

Checking whether your license includes GitHub Advanced Security

エンタープライズ設定を確認することで、エンタープライズに GitHub Advanced Security ライセンスがあるかどうかを確認できます。 詳細については、「エンタープライズの GitHub Advanced Security の有効化」を参照してください。

Prerequisites for code scanning

Running code scanning using GitHub Actions

Setting up a self-hosted runner

GitHub Enterprise Server can run code scanning using a GitHub Actions workflow. First, you need to provision one or more self-hosted GitHub Actions runners in your environment. You can provision self-hosted runners at the repository, organization, or enterprise account level. For more information, see "About self-hosted runners" and "Adding self-hosted runners."

You must ensure that Git is in the PATH variable on any self-hosted runners you use to run CodeQL actions.

Provisioning the actions for code scanning

If you want to use actions to run code scanning on GitHub Enterprise Server, the actions must be available on your appliance.

The CodeQL action is included in your installation of GitHub Enterprise Server. If both GitHub Enterprise Server 3.4 and your GitHub Actions runner have access to the internet, the action will automatically download the CodeQL 2.7.6 bundle required to perform analysis. Alternatively, you can use a synchronization tool to make the latest released version of the CodeQL analysis bundle available locally. For more information, see "Configuring CodeQL analysis on a server without internet access" below.

You can also make third-party actions available to users for code scanning, by setting up GitHub Connect. For more information, see "Configuring GitHub Connect to sync GitHub Actions" below.

Configuring CodeQL analysis on a server without internet access

If the server on which you are running GitHub Enterprise Server is not connected to the internet, and you want to allow users to enable CodeQL code scanning for their repositories, you must use the CodeQL action sync tool to copy the CodeQL analysis bundle from to your server. The tool, and details of how to use it, are available at

If you set up the CodeQL action sync tool, you can use it to sync the latest releases of the CodeQL action and associated CodeQL analysis bundle. These are compatible with GitHub Enterprise Server.

Configuring GitHub Connect to sync GitHub Actions

  1. If you want to download action workflows on demand from, you need to enable GitHub Connect. For more information, see "Enabling GitHub Connect."
  2. You'll also need to enable GitHub Actions for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance. For more information, see "Getting started with GitHub Actions for GitHub Enterprise Server."
  3. The next step is to configure access to actions on using GitHub Connect. For more information, see "Enabling automatic access to actions using GitHub Connect."
  4. Add a self-hosted runner to your repository, organization, or enterprise account. For more information, see "Adding self-hosted runners."

Running code scanning using the CodeQL CLI

If you don't want to use GitHub Actions, you should run code scanning using the CodeQL CLI.

The CodeQL CLI is a command-line tool that you use to analyze codebases on any machine, including a third-party CI/CD system. For more information, see "Installing CodeQL CLI in your CI system."