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Sharing workflows, secrets, and runners with your organization

Learn how you can use organization features to collaborate with your team, by sharing starter workflows, secrets, and self-hosted runners.

注: GitHub ホステッド ランナーは、現在 GitHub Enterprise Server でサポートされていません。 GitHub public roadmap で、今後の計画的なサポートの詳細を確認できます。


If you need to share workflows and other GitHub Actions features with your team, then consider collaborating within a GitHub organization. An organization allows you to centrally store and manage secrets, artifacts, and self-hosted runners. You can also create starter workflows in the .github repository and share them with other users in your organization.

Sharing workflows

Your organization can share workflows by reusing the workflows exactly or by creating starter workflows that provide templates for new workflows.

Reusing workflows

You can share workflows with your organization, publicly or privately, by calling one workflow from within another workflow. This allows you to reuse workflows, avoiding duplication and making your workflows easier to maintain. For more information, see "Reusing workflows."

Using starter workflows

スターター ワークフローを使用すると、ワークフローを作成するアクセス許可を持つ Organization 内のすべての人が、より迅速かつ簡単にワークフローを作成できます。 新しいワークフローを作成する場合は、スターター ワークフローを選択すると、ワークフローを作成する作業の一部またはすべてを自動的に行うことができます。 スターター ワークフローは、カスタム ワークフローの構築の出発点として利用することも、そのまま利用することもできます。 これにより、時間を節約できるだけでなく、Organization 全体の一貫性とベスト プラクティスが促進されます。 For more information, see "Creating starter workflows for your organization."

Sharing secrets within an organization

You can centrally manage your secrets within an organization, and then make them available to selected repositories. This also means that you can update a secret in one location, and have the change apply to all repository workflows that use the secret.

When creating a secret in an organization, you can use a policy to limit which repositories can access that secret. For example, you can grant access to all repositories, or limit access to only private repositories or a specified list of repositories.

組織レベルでシークレットを作成するには、admin アクセス権が必要です。

  1. On your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, navigate to the main page of the organization.

  2. Organization 名の下で、 [設定] をクリックします。 Organization の設定ボタン

  3. In the left sidebar, click Secrets.

  4. Click New secret.

  5. Type a name for your secret in the Name input box.

  6. Enter the Value for your secret.

  7. From the Repository access dropdown list, choose an access policy.

  8. Click Add secret.

Share self-hosted runners within an organization

Organization admins can add their self-hosted runners to groups, and then create policies that control which repositories can access the group.

For more information, see "Managing access to self-hosted runners using groups."

Next steps

To continue learning about GitHub Actions, see "Creating starter workflows for your organization."