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Informations sur Copilot dans le support GitHub

Copilot in GitHub Support can help you by providing answers to a wide range of questions about GitHub's products and features.

About Copilot in GitHub Support

Copilot in GitHub Support is a new conversational AI tool built to offer immediate assistance within the GitHub Support portal, allowing you to tackle issues without waiting for a response from GitHub Support. Copilot in GitHub Support uses a large language model, trained on publicly available GitHub documentation, to provide a conversational way to get help for your GitHub inquiries without having to wait for customer support to respond to your inquiry.

The primary supported language for Copilot in GitHub Support is English.

How Copilot in GitHub Support works

Copilot in GitHub Support's functionality can be broken down into a few steps.

Input processing

The input prompt from the user is pre-processed by Copilot in GitHub Support to determine whether it falls within the feature's remit and, if it does, sent to a large language model to generate a response based on the input. User input should take the form of a plain language description of their query. The system is only intended to respond to GitHub-related questions.

Language model analysis

The input prompt is then passed through the Copilot in GitHub Support language model, which analyzes the input prompt.

Response generation

The language model generates a response based on its analysis of your input. This response will take the form of a plain language answer to your query. Depending on your question, Copilot in GitHub Support may include steps you can take to try to resolve the issue.

Output formatting

The response generated by Copilot in GitHub Support is formatted and presented to the user. Copilot in GitHub Support may use indentation and other formatting features to add clarity to the generated response. Depending upon the type of question from the user, links to relevant content in GitHub documentation that the model used to generate its response will also be provided.

Limitations of Copilot in GitHub Support

Depending on factors such as your input prompt and the complexity of your issue, you may experience different levels of performance when using Copilot in GitHub Support. The following information is designed to help you understand system limitations and key concepts about performance as they apply to Copilot in GitHub Support.

Limited scope

Copilot in GitHub Support is only intended to answer questions related to GitHub's products. Copilot in GitHub Support is not designed to provide general programming assistance. In addition, it may not be able to help with more complex issues related to your GitHub account, for example, resolving billing issues. If Copilot in GitHub Support cannot help with a GitHub-related issue, you will be prompted to open a ticket with our support team.

Inaccurate responses

The responses you receive from Copilot in GitHub Support are generated by AI without human intervention and, as such, may not always be accurate. Ensure the answer you have received is accurate by checking the official GitHub documentation.

Information only assistance

Currently, Copilot in GitHub Support cannot take action on your behalf, for example, by changing your settings. Copilot in GitHub Support can only provide steps for you to configure or troubleshoot a GitHub product based on GitHub official documentation.

Best practices and use cases

Copilot in GitHub Support is intended to answer your query related to GitHub products from GitHub documentation. More information provided in your input increases Copilot in GitHub Support's likelihood of providing a relevant and helpful response that may also include best practices, tips, and solutions. Copilot in GitHub Support consolidates information from multiple GitHub documents into a tailored response, and may reduce the time required to answer your question. If you have a follow-up question or another GitHub-related query, you can continue using Copilot in GitHub Support.

Copilot in GitHub Support also includes links to any documentation it uses when crafting an answer so that you're able to review the material or bookmark it for future reference. As with every large language model, it can make mistakes so please review the information provided to ensure it is free of errors.

Sharing feedback about Copilot in GitHub Support

We greatly value your feedback. As we continuously improve Copilot in GitHub Support, we value knowing which answers were helpful and which were not. To let us know, just click the thumbs down under the corresponding response from Copilot.

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