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Cette version de GitHub Enterprise Server ne sera plus disponible le 2024-08-29. Aucune publication de correctifs n’est effectuée, même pour les problèmes de sécurité critiques. Pour de meilleures performances, une sécurité améliorée et de nouvelles fonctionnalités, effectuez une mise à niveau vers la dernière version de GitHub Enterprise. Pour obtenir de l’aide sur la mise à niveau, contactez le support GitHub Enterprise.

À propos de GitHub pour les entreprises

Découvrez les produits d’entreprise et les options de déploiement de GitHub pour GitHub Enterprise.

Why should my business choose GitHub?

  • Provide a platform developers already know. Adopting GitHub can help you reduce onboarding time, attract talent, and leverage a large open source community by using tools already familiar to more than 100 million developers.
  • Consolidate tools in the cloud. GitHub is a complete developer platform to build, scale, and deliver secure software. Adopting GitHub can help companies consolidate their DevOps tools or move away from on-premises solutions that can be difficult to maintain.
  • Benefit from modern features. GitHub consistently releases new features and updates. Our platform includes well-known tools like GitHub Copilot and GitHub Actions.

How enterprises use GitHub

Businesses use GitHub products to support the entire software development lifecycle, increasing development velocity and improving code quality.

With GitHub, your business can plan work, increase productivity, automate processes, and keep code secure.


Your developers can:

  • Track work and communicate in issues and discussions
  • Plan and review work cycles with projects
  • Review each other's work in pull requests


Your developers can:

  • Benefit from AI-powered code suggestions with GitHub Copilot, the most widely adopted AI developer tool
  • Get started with new projects quickly with GitHub Codespaces, a cloud-hosted development environment
  • Integrate with GitHub from their local development environment using GitHub CLI and GitHub Desktop


Your business can:

  • Automate your build, test, and deployment pipeline with GitHub Actions
  • Host software packages with GitHub Packages
  • Build tooling with REST and GraphQL APIs, GitHub Apps, and webhooks


Your business can:

  • Be alerted to leaked secrets or vulnerable code patterns using GitHub Advanced Security tools
  • Keep software dependencies up to date with Dependabot
  • Monitor the security landscape across your repositories with security overview

Benefits of the GitHub Enterprise plan

GitHub Enterprise is our most comprehensive plan. In addition to the features included with a GitHub Free or GitHub Team plan for organizations, the plan includes:

  • Additional features such as SAML authentication and internal repositories. For a detailed list, see GitHub Pricing.
  • Extra allowances for usage-based products such as GitHub Actions.
  • An enterprise account, which provides a single place to manage billing and settings, enforce policies, and audit the people with access to your enterprise.
  • The option to add GitHub Advanced Security, GitHub Premium Support, and GitHub Copilot Enterprise.

When businesses adopt GitHub Enterprise, their return on investment (ROI) is high. For example, their developers save 45 minutes per day, and onboarding and training time is reduced by 40%. See The Total Economic Impact of GitHub Enterprise.

About deployment options

When you purchase GitHub Enterprise, you get access to both GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server. You can choose to use one or both of these deployment options.

With GitHub Enterprise Cloud:

  • Your repositories and other resources are hosted on
  • To access your resources, members of your enterprise can use their personal account or, if you use Enterprise Managed Users, you can provision accounts for users using an external system.

With GitHub Enterprise Server:

  • You run your own GitHub instance, either on-premises or on a public cloud service.
  • You create accounts for users, and authenticate users using either built-in authentication or an external system.
  • You can enable GitHub Connect to benefit from features that rely on, such as Dependabot alerts and actions hosted on

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