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Accessing the administrative shell (SSH)

El acceso por SSH te permite ejecutar las utilidades de línea de comandos de GitHub Enterprise Server para solucionar los problemas, ejecutar los respaldos y configurar la replicación.

About administrative shell access

If you have SSH access to the administrative shell, you can run GitHub Enterprise Server's command line utilities. SSH access is also useful for troubleshooting, running backups, and configuring replication. Administrative SSH access is managed separately from Git SSH access and is accessible only via port 122.

Enabling access to the administrative shell via SSH

To enable administrative SSH access, you must add your SSH public key to your instance's list of authorized keys. For more information, see "Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent."

Tip: Changes to authorized SSH keys take effect immediately.

  1. Desde una cuenta administrativa de GitHub Enterprise Server, en la esquina superior derecha de cualquier página, haz clic en .

    Captura de pantalla del icono de cohete para acceder a los ajustes administrativos

  2. Si todavía no está en la página "Administrador del sitio", en la esquina superior izquierda, haga clic en Administrador del sitio.

    Captura de pantalla del vínculo "Administrador del sitio"

  3. En la barra lateral de la izquierda, haga clic en Consola de administración . Pestaña Consola de administración en la barra lateral de la izquierda

  4. Under "SSH access", paste your key into the text box, then click Add key. Text box and button for adding an SSH key

  5. En la barra lateral de la izquierda, haga clic en Guardar configuración.

    Captura de pantalla del botón para guardar los ajustes en la Consola de administración

    Nota: Al guardar la configuración en la Consola de administración se restablecen los servicios de sistema, lo que podría generar un tiempo de inactividad visible para el usuario.

  6. Espera que se complete la fase de configuración.

    Configurar tu instancia

Connecting to the administrative shell over SSH

After you've added your SSH key to the list, connect to the instance over SSH as the admin user on port 122.

$ ssh -p 122
Last login: Sun Nov 9 07:53:29 2014 from
admin@github-example-com:~$ █

Troubleshooting SSH connection problems

If you encounter the Permission denied (publickey) error when you try to connect to your GitHub Enterprise Server instance via SSH, confirm that you are connecting over port 122. You may need to explicitly specify which private SSH key to use.

To specify a private SSH key using the command line, run ssh with the -i argument.

ssh -i /path/to/ghe_private_key -p 122 admin@HOSTNAME

You can also specify a private SSH key using the SSH configuration file (~/.ssh/config).

  IdentityFile /path/to/ghe_private_key
  User admin
  Port 122

Accessing the administrative shell using the local console

In an emergency situation, for example if SSH is unavailable, you can access the administrative shell locally. Sign in as the admin user and use the password established during initial setup of GitHub Enterprise Server.

Access limitations for the administrative shell

Administrative shell access is permitted for troubleshooting and performing documented operations procedures only. Modifying system and application files, running programs, or installing unsupported software packages may void your support contract. Please contact Soporte de GitHub Enterprise if you have a question about the activities allowed by your support contract.