Sending enterprise contributions to your profile

You can highlight your work on GitHub Enterprise by sending the contribution counts to your profile.

About enterprise contributions on your profile

Your profile shows GitHub Enterprise Server contribution counts from the past 90 days. GitHub Enterprise Server envía actualizaciones cada hora. Contribution counts from GitHub Enterprise are considered private contributions. The commit details will only show the contribution counts and that these contributions were made in a GitHub Enterprise environment outside of

You can decide whether to show counts for private contributions on your profile. For more information, see "Publicizing or hiding your private contributions on your profile."

For more information about how contributions are calculated, see "Managing contribution graphs on your profile."


  • The connection between your accounts is governed by GitHub's Privacy Statement and users enabling the connection agree to the GitHub's Terms of Service.

  • Before you can connect your GitHub Enterprise Server profile to your profile, your enterprise owner must enable GitHub Connect and enable contribution sharing between the environments. For more information, contact your enterprise owner.

Sending your enterprise contributions to your profile

  1. Sign in to GitHub Enterprise Server and

  2. On GitHub Enterprise Server, in the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Settings. Settings icon in the user bar

  3. En la barra lateral izquierda, haz clic en GitHub Connect. Pestaña de GitHub Connect en la barra lateral de la configuración de usuario

  4. Da clic en Conectar con

    Conectarse con desde la configuración de GitHub Enterprise Server

  5. Review the resources that GitHub Enterprise Server will access from your account, then click Authorize. Authorize connection between GitHub Enterprise Server and

  6. Debajo de "Contributions" (Contribuciones), selecciona Send my contribution counts to (Enviar mi recuento de contribuciones a, luego haz clic en Update contributions (Actualizar contribuciones). Casilla para enviar contribuciones y botón para actualizar contribuciones

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