Requesting a pull request review

After you create a pull request, you can ask a specific person to review the changes you've proposed. If you're an organization member, you can also request a specific team to review your changes.

Owners and collaborators on a repository owned by a user account can assign pull request reviews. Organization members with triage permissions to a repository can assign a pull request review.

Owners or collaborators can assign a pull request review to any person that has been explicitly granted read access to a user-owned repository. Organization members can assign a pull request review to any person or team with read access to a repository. The requested reviewer or team will receive a notification that you asked them to review the pull request. If you request a review from a team and code review assignment is enabled, specific members will be requested and the team will be removed as a reviewer. For more information, see "Managing code review settings for your team."

Note: Pull request authors can't request reviews unless they are either a repository owner or collaborator with write access to the repository.

You can request a review from either a suggested or specific person. Suggested reviewers are based on git blame data. If you request a review, other people with read access to the repository can still review your pull request. Once someone has reviewed your pull request and you've made the necessary changes, you can re-request review from the same reviewer. If the requested reviewer does not submit a review, and the pull request meets the repository's mergeability requirements, you can still merge the pull request.

  1. Debajo del nombre de tu repositorio, da clic en Solicitudes de cambios. Issues tab
  2. In the list of pull requests, click the pull request that you'd like to ask a specific person or a team to review.
  3. Navigate to Reviewers in the right sidebar.
  4. To request a review from a suggested person under Reviewers, next to their username, click Request. Reviewers request icon in the right sidebar
  5. Optionally, to request a review from someone other than a suggested person, click Reviewers, then click on a name in the dropdown menu. Reviewers gear icon in the right sidebar
  6. Optionally, if you know the name of the person or team you'd like a review from, click Reviewers, then type the username of the person or the name of the team you're asking to review your changes. Click their team name or username to request a review. Field to enter a reviewer's username and drop-down with reviewer's name
  7. After your pull request is reviewed and you've made the necessary changes, you can ask a reviewer to re-review your pull request. Navigate to Reviewers in the right sidebar and click next to the reviewer's name whose review you'd like. Re-review sync icon in the right sidebar

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